$99 Tuesday Door Ding Special 

Our paintless dent repair is starting at $99 for a small quarter sized dent.  The price goes up from there.

Advanced Auto Hail & Dent Repair

Welcome to Nashville Dent Company, Nashville’s leading auto hail & paintless dent removal specialists. We are highly skilled, friendly and professional. Completely local ,keeping you informed throughout the dent removal process.

Auto Hail Repair

Auto Hail Damage Restoration In NashvilleWe specialize in hail repair no matter the severity of your damage we can help you get back on the road much faster than conventional auto body methods.

Paintless Dent Removal

Many dents can be fixed by paintless dent repair, even if previously told otherwise we are very specialized and can handle many sized dents.

Fleet Dent Repairs

We are capable of handling any sized catastrophe. From single dents to fleet accounts with thousands of cars affected. From auto body shops to car dealership accounts we can do it all.

Hail Repair & Dent Removal Specialists

We do paintless dent repair the right way.  We are artists that re-sculpt the metal surfaces of your car damage back to it’s original pre-hail/dent condition.  We have been doing this for well over a decade and are very passionate about this eco friendly advanced auto body.


We provide the highest quality paintless dent repair in Nashville.
Locally owned, ran, and operated in Nashville, TN

Over 10 years of high production (PDR) paintless dent removal experience.
Highly specialized in the art of hail repair dent removal.

Paintless Dent Repair Is The Best Repair

Automotive body shops will replace parts and do unnecessary damaging repairs to save time and money and increase production.  We on the other hand, will take the extra time to meticulously repair the same damage without disturbing your original factory paint job and finish.

  • Remove and Replace

    We use a specialized skill called R&I to get to the back of the metal on each panel that has dent’s to essentially sculpt the metal from the underside.  We are highly specialized at this craft to properly remove and replace any part that get’s in our way for any type of vehicle make and model.  We have taken advanced training courses from every single make to assure you that this very specialized job gets done correctly each and every time.

  • Hail Damage Insurance Steps

    Hail is an act of nature and is covered under your comprehensive insurance, and will not count against you in any way.  It is one of the only insurance coverage’s that are covered under the “act of God” rule cannot affect your premiums.

    The steps to getting your repairs started are as follows:

    1. Call your insurance company and start a claim.
    2. Take note of your insurance claim number.
    3. Give us a call and set up an appointment.
    4. Once the vehicle is inspected by us wait for the insurance to do the same.
    5. Once the insurance company looks at the vehicle, either at our location or at their desired location, you can then call us back and schedule for repairs.
    6. We receive your vehicle and go over it again with the insurance company.
    7. Once our repair plan are approved by the insurance company we will start repairs.
    8. We return your vehicle.

  • Paintless Auto Body

    Paintless auto body or paintless dent repair is the art of removing hail damage and other types of dents with no need for paint.  It is the only eco friendly approach to auto body that will not depreciate the value of your car.  You get to keep your original paint job so your car will retain it’s full value unlike with other body shop repairs.  PDR is also highly sought after by automotive professionals because they know it is the best method of repairing a vehicle.

  • The Hail Repair Process

    Once the insurance company approves repairs on your vehicle, it is time to start repairs.

    • We order parts for any parts that are needed like trim pieces etc.
    • We do the necessarily R&I.
    • We repair and replace any glass that needs to be replaced.
    • We then start on the paintless dent repair.
    • Once dent removal is complete we then put your vehicle back together.
    • Then we call you to come pick up your car.


Give Nashville Dent Company A Try

You can trust us with your only factory paint finish.


Good Company – We are a good wholesome, local company that focuses on what is important in life.  We strive for the best possible quality work and we give back to our community.


Professionalism – Our dent removal is very popular and sought after by automotive professionals because we take the time and care for each and every one of the vehicles we repair.


Cleanly Process  – Our process of removing dents and hail is the cleanest auto body you can find.  there is no sanding, or painting of any kind so what you are left with is a very clean repair.


Efficient – We are highly efficient at our craft since we have been doing this well over a decade.  Our technical expertise shows in the speed of our quality repairs.


Full Warranty  – We guarantee every single one of our dent repair jobs with a 100% quality lifetime guarantee.  There will never be a problem that arises from our dent repair.  EVER.


Options – We pride ourselves in being one of the only auto body shop situations that gives you choices in your repairs.  There are many variables and we understand that not every situation is the same so we give options.

Does Hail Raise my insurance?

Absolutely Not – Hail damage is considered an act of God and thus cannot by law raise your insurance premiums or count against you in any way.  I can however raise your entire regions rates but does not singularly affect you and will affect everyone rather or not you file a claim.

Does Paintless Dent Repair Harm My Paint Job?

Not At All – PDR will not affect your paint job in any way.  It is the only method of repair that will allow you to keep your original factory finish and will not harm your vehicle value.

How Long Does Hail Repair Take?

Its Very Efficient – Conventional repairs can take forever, but lucky for you this is not our approach.  We use an really specialized skill that can drastically reduce repair times by as much as 70% while at the same time having a much more desirable result.  It take anywhere from 2 days to a week to fix the typical hail damaged vehicle.

Does Paintless Dent Repair Harm The Value Of My Car?

Heck NO! – Paintless dent repair will retain the full value of your vehicle and is the only method of dent repair with no depreciation of your vehicle value in any way.

Will You Cover My Car Rental?

Possibly – If your hail damage is severe then you will probably need a rental.  If you don’t have rental coverage we might be able to help but this is on a per car basis so you will need to discus this in person with us.

Will You cover My Insurance Deductible?

Maybe – If your damages are at least 3x your deductible amount we might be able to work something out with you to reduce or completely cover your deductible amount.  Just ask us when we are discussing your repair plan and we will be able to go from there.

Can Heavy Hail Be Repaired With PDR?

YES – Any type of hail damage can be repaired by PDR accept if the paint is cracked then there will have to be a combination repair done that will involve some conventional repair but a combo repair is far superior to a strictly conventional repair.

How Good Is Your Paint Job

Good – If for whatever reason you need a paint job on your vehicle because A) There was cracked paint or B) the damage was way to severe on that particular panel, we do partner with the best automotive body shops in your are and will be able to get you he est possible paint job for a deep discount or completely cover it as part of your dent repair.


Nashville Dent Company is all insurance approved. If you have a claim let us help you get your car repaired.


We can help you with your hail removal or minor collision claim. We partner with many body shops and can get you discounted services on anything over what PDR can fix


We service body shops, dealers, and fleet accounts. We are a major vendor for PDR repairs for many local businesses.


We provide top quality PDR service for all our clients no matter how big or small. We have accounts that have 1 car a month to fleet accounts that require dozens of repairs per week. 


We are a mobile service. We come to your home, office, or place of business. We provide top quality dent repairs with much more convenience.


Many times we can give you a quote over the phone and can come to your home or place of business where you can see the dent repaired right in-front of your face.