Paintless dent repair can have your car to as good as new when it comes to hail damage.  We specialize in removing the dents from your car or truck without the use of any sanding, buffing, or bondo.  PDR does not damage the original finish from your car so it is the preferred method for repair by any insurance company.  They save money and you get to keep you original paint.
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We use an extensive variety of tools and techniques to remove hail damage without the use of any sanding or painting.  Your vehicle keeps the original factory finish and will retain more value, will not be on carfax and your insurance premiums can not be raised.

  • Original factory finish – Your vehicle retains the original paint & finish.
  • Fast turnaround – Some hail jobs can take only 2 – 3 days.
  • Very clean – With PDR, the process is dust free.

Our type of hail damage removal is the only type of auto body with no inherent diminished value attached to the repair.  This means that you get to keep the full value of your vehicle in-tact.  There is no sanding and no painting so you get to keep your original factory finish.  The factory goes through a very time consuming process to get the vehicle’s paint job to stay for years and years.  Most body shops lack the expertise or the equipment to mimic these factory paint jobs so our methods are by far the best way to repair your hail damaged vehicle.

We do not use bondo, fillers, sanding, or replacing of unnecessary parts.  We repair all the panels with paintless dent repair so that your vehicle can stay ORIGINAL and we all know how valuable it is to stay original.  The body shop cuts and welds and bondo’s so many of your panels that what you are left with is a Frankenstein repair that you will never notice until it’s too late.   Our methods of repair are not like that.  What you see is what you get, literally and what you get is a perfect repair that will never rust, corrode or loosen over time because of faulty welding.